Umoja Sounds – Happy Ft. Ariel Wayz (MP3 DOWNLOAD)

We are the Umoja Sounds! We are trying to make timeless art work thru Collaborations all over the Continent and past.

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If we personal now got learned something from our a protracted time of being fascinated with the Music Industry, it’s that working in silos (every Lady / Man for his/herself) doesn’t yield tangible outcomes.

It’s a music about two other folk that was once deeply in love but are no longer collectively.

Their memories are all they’ve left and within the quit, they need each and each other the persevered happiness and peace each and each has chanced on since the quit of their relationship singing “I am hoping you’re joyful now, coz I’m joyful yeah.”

Listen to “Umoja Sounds – Delighted Feet. Ariel Wayz” below;

AUDIO Umoja Sounds – Delighted Feet. Ariel Wayz MP3 DOWNLOAD


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