Lavolta Stars – When The Music Plays (Download MP3)

When the song performs’ Lavolta Stars debuts their most modern song to own a supreme time Current Year.

In what feels like a aid to aid electrifying float of creativity, the Afrocentric band and proponent of West-Afrobeats, Lavolta Stars, has launched but every other song to herald the Current Year. Seize that it was lower than per week for the rationale that band launched ‘Agbedegbeyoni’, a classic, undiluted highlife song rebirth on all digital platforms. The restless band claimed its crown in supply as promised and followed it up with the free up of ‘When the song performs’.

This song, laced with heavy Nigerian veteran drums, was organically produced as all the musical instruments susceptible had been conducted are living and recorded without extend. And these consist of Agbamole, Iya-Ilu Bata, Gangan plus the Omele Ako Bata, while maracas and drum equipment had been susceptible for the percussion section.

Violin, cello, bass and electric guitars had been also conducted are living to total the string section, while trumpet, saxophone and flugelhorn done the horns line. Electric piano completes the record of the instrument susceptible for productions of this work.

It is rarely any longer with reference to the instrumental, the lyrics of the song reaches down into a sad soul and carry out the excuse to feel free. With its intentional sluggish beat centered at comforting and relaxing, the song is a must for every sprint, sitting room and your phones.

The somewhat say of the lead vocalist appeases to you to permit the song to play to assemble your distress away.

Hear, Part and Procure pleasure from Beneath!

Lavolta Stars – When The Track Performs