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DJ Big N - Aje Ft. Remy Crown

Mavin Info in-apartment disc jockey, DJ Gigantic N releases a recent fabulous single titled “Aje” the contemporary single features singer, Remy Crown.

‘Aje’ is DJ BIG N counting his blessings. Recruiting the vocals of Remy Crown, this number reveals DJ Gigantic N’s production flair and aptitude for the vastly celebrated Amapiano genre. The tune has a high tempo transport and Remy Crown’s vocals glorious support its crescendo.

A membership number that can positively indulge in you ever transferring, DJ Gigantic N delivers once more and sets a marker for what we are able to demand from the gracious disc jockey of Mavin.

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DJ Gigantic N – Aje Toes. Remy Crown


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Issa Banger
Oh (x3)
When You’re substantial, you’re Gigantic Abeg
Crown Cramped one
Gigantic N
Enjoyable mi the Mic
Verse 1
Below no circumstances label down on any individual
Na all americans obtain destiny
O wo prada emi d’ogbon si
As long as we no naked
Kadija negate she don taya
She focus on negate I don free guard
She’s seeking to acquire herself a zaddy
She don taya to keep on jacquard aii
On the present time Na your indulge in , the next day obtain control o
As all the issues Dey scramble ka sha ti live to pronounce the tale
As I Dey fall am develop dem feel the vibe o
And as I dey hustle on a low
Ota I ba j’oju mi (Aje)
Oluwa lo ni glory (Aje)
Dem wan Launch confuse me (Aje)
Obtained fe fimi ko memoir
Obtained fe okay’aeroplane mi wo prolong (Aje)
I don Dey waft I’m able to’t end (Aje)
The bottles don Dey pop up (Aje)
The money don Dey pile up (Aje)

So that you just dey among them
The total other folks wey Dey jump fence
Thank God don decide dem
Sooner than I vex I’m going file dem to God first

( 2x)

I negate eeeeeeeeeeeeh mama eeeeeeeeeh
Suku eeeeh ( 2x )
Within the occasion you re substantial you re substantial abeg
Merely keep I am the glorious o
I be lion dem be pet
Who slash beans Na en Dey mess o
They need to copy me
I snicker in Swahili
CHORUS ………………..

HOOK ……………….
I negate eeeeeeeeeeeeh mama eeeeeeeeeh
Suku eeeeh ( 2x )
Gigantic N
Remy Crown
When You’re substantial, you’re Gigantic Abeg

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