Off the project known as, “No Tips” the EP by DBYZ we have this masterpiece file titled “On Code”.

DBYZ is a boy band set up collectively by singer/songwriter Ric Hassani who were his backup singers. The name DBYZ is an Acronym for “The Boys”. They premiered their debut single DO LIKE SAY in 2019 which has gathered over two million streams on all platforms. They went forward to originate their second single INCREDIBLE WOMAN. They launched their debut project, An EP “NO RULES” which premiered on OCTOBER 8TH 2021.


NO RULES was born from the premise to showcase extra of who the band is and to showcase the song industry the a great deal of aspects of the band. As the name implies, there are NO RULES to their song and it is evident from the 4 notice EP.

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Download, hear and revel in!